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Pinal County has the lowest number of sex offenders walking free per capita according to new research

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Rate in Pinal lowest in state

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By TANNER CLINCH Staff Writer - Tri-Valley Central

FLORENCE — This may come as a surprise to some based on social media comments, but Pinal County has the lowest number of sex offenders per capita compared with other counties in Arizona, data show.

The county has a rate of 3.87 per 10,000 residents of Level 2 (moderate risk) and Level 3 (high risk) sex offenders, according to, which tracks data on sex offenders nationwide. By comparison, other rural counties have much higher rates, such as Coconino County with 6.18 per 10,000 residents.

Other rural counties are much worse. Graham County has a rate of 12.66 offenders per 10,000 residents, Gila sits at 10.49, and Mohave at 10.38. Despite the larger populations of Maricopa and Pima Counties, they still have rates higher than Pinal County at 6.87 and 8.50 per 10,000, respectively...

Sex offenders who are released from prison usually place themselves near their family, in their old community or wherever they can find a job, according to Bart Graves of DPS.

Harsh sentencing pushed by the Pinal County Attorney’s Office for sexual crimes may be the reason the number of sex offenders living in area communities is so low.

“The last couple cases we’ve had, we’ve gotten 100-plus-year convictions on these people,” said Tiffany Davila, the PCAO public information officer. “We don’t take this lightly at all.”

The sex offender registry includes only those who have been released from prison, not those who are currently serving their sentences. Upon release they must register as a sex offender; failure to do so is a felony.


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    • Prosecutor in 80+ Felony Jury Trials with 8 and 12 Member Juries, and Numerous Misdemeanor Jury and Bench Trials
    • Litigated 30+ Probable Cause (Preliminary) Hearings and Several Probation Violation Hearings
    • Presented approximately 100+ Grand Jury Hearings
    • Interviewed and/or Deposed Officers and Witnesses in Preparation for Trial
    • Proved Prior Felony Convictions in Sentencing and Used Fingerprint Technicians
    • Represented the State in Voluntariness, Donald, Prior Bad Acts, Daubert and Numerous Other Evidentiary Hearings
    • Negotiated and Written Guilty Plea Contracts
    • Examined on Direct and/or Cross, approx. 50 Expert Witnesses incl., but not limited to, DNA, Fingerprint, DV and Gang Experts
    • Reviewed Hundreds of Law Enforcement Departmental Reports for Charging
    • Written Hundreds of Recommendations for Sentencing
    • Consistently Maintained 40-100 Cases incl., Homicide, Child Abuse, Dang. Crimes Against Children, Gang and Dangerous Crimes
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    In only his first term as Pinal County Attorney, Lando Voyles was voted in to represent all other Arizona County Attorneys as the President of the Arizona County Attorney's Association.

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