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A Message about the 2nd Amendment From Lando

Recently, a constituent asked about my position on the Second Amendment. I responded similar to the following.

Dear Constituent,

County Chart

Thank you for asking about my stand on the Second Amendment! I stand up for gun rights, inside and outside of court. I am a strong believer in the 2nd Amendment as everyone can attest to at the places where I've spoken.

My belief is that the 2nd Amendment’s purpose is not just to keep us safe from criminals in our homes and streets, but also meant to keep us safe from a tyrannical government. In today’s world, this could not be more important. Knowing the different forms of government, our country is sadly and quickly approaching a full socialist society. History tells us, and even Karl Marx proclaimed, that the socialism philosophies he obviously relied on from the writings of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, must be imposed by a dictator or you will have anarchy. In an effort to impose a dictator’s rule, you must first render the people defenseless, namely by taking away their guns. It’s simple to use historical examples, that used Karl Marx’s philosophy, to show how socialism turned to communism by using this exact tactic, e.g. Cambodia's Dictator Pol Pot, China's Dictator Mao Zedong, and Germany's Dictator Adolf Hitler.

I don't believe that our country currently sits at the same level of socialism as did Cambodia, or China, or Germany, immediately prior to those dictators imposing their authority. And, because our government isn't currently walking into everyone's homes and forcing people to give up their guns, and laws are not getting passed to force us to turn our guns into the government, we shouldn't currently use our guns to rise up against our government. But, I believe that because people adapt so easily, we quickly forget these simple historical truths that resulted in millions of people murdered by their own government. And, over the past 8 years and more, our nation travelled, and currently travels, down the road of a socialistic style government. We now see more riots in the street, similar to the anarchy that comes at the beginning of the end of all socialist societies. Karl Marx understood this principle, and luckily, so did our Founding Fathers!

As Charlton Heston said, and I agree, “from my cold dead hands!”

Thank you for bringing to my attention that my 2nd Amendment position wasn’t posted on my web page. I’ll work to fix that immediately!

Lando Voyles

Pinal County Attorney

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    • Pinal County Attorney 2012-Present
    • Prosecutor in 80+ Felony Jury Trials with 8 and 12 Member Juries, and Numerous Misdemeanor Jury and Bench Trials
    • Litigated 30+ Probable Cause (Preliminary) Hearings and Several Probation Violation Hearings
    • Presented approximately 100+ Grand Jury Hearings
    • Interviewed and/or Deposed Officers and Witnesses in Preparation for Trial
    • Proved Prior Felony Convictions in Sentencing and Used Fingerprint Technicians
    • Represented the State in Voluntariness, Donald, Prior Bad Acts, Daubert and Numerous Other Evidentiary Hearings
    • Negotiated and Written Guilty Plea Contracts
    • Examined on Direct and/or Cross, approx. 50 Expert Witnesses incl., but not limited to, DNA, Fingerprint, DV and Gang Experts
    • Reviewed Hundreds of Law Enforcement Departmental Reports for Charging
    • Written Hundreds of Recommendations for Sentencing
    • Consistently Maintained 40-100 Cases incl., Homicide, Child Abuse, Dang. Crimes Against Children, Gang and Dangerous Crimes
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    In only his first term as Pinal County Attorney, Lando Voyles was voted in to represent all other Arizona County Attorneys as the President of the Arizona County Attorney's Association.

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